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    Planning and Financial Expertise
    Need Help Implementing Strategic Planning?  or Just Writing Your Strategic Plan?  Preparing a Financial Forecast for Security Analysts or a bank?  Capital Re-Structuring?  Expanding Your Business? Analyzing an Acquisition?

    Whatever your needs, we can help.

    If you would like to investigate a relationship with IPS, either email us at info@IpsPlanningSolutions.com or call us at (608) 244-4245.  Or Contact Us directly via our feedback form.

    Sampling of IPS Consulting Projects

    Utility Industry: (Typical client— $billion+ Assets):

    • Developed strategic planning models for three Wisconsin utilities and Wisconsin Public Service Commission, strategic planning models for three New York State utilities, five year tactical and rate-case models for three New York state utilities, five year rate-case and forecasting models for Michigan utility, strategic planning models for Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), computer simulation models for the Edison Electric Institute, and more.
    • Develop strategy for and analysis of mergers/acquisitions ranging from $1 million to $1 billion
    • Analysis of diversification program
    • Develop software, training, advice and "expert" testimony to ICC regarding a Commonwealth Edison proposal to create a $6 Billion nuclear power subsidiary
    • Supply and Demand analysis
    • Rate Design and elasticity analysis
    • Analysis of alternative expansion plans for profitability and risk (billion dollar construction plans)
    • Analysis of price impacts and customer erosion from aggressive competitive pressures
    • Market and competitive position analysis, wheeling and transmission access
    • Training and assistance for studying regional energy and utility operating trends
    • Develop forecasts for Wall Street security analysts and rating agencies
    • Organizational studies, Rate-case Studies, Review/Develop Rate of Return testimony
    • Financial restructuring, cash flow/rate of return, dividend policy, regulatory impacts

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    Other Businesses:

    • Developed strategic, marketing, financial, and operating plans for small businesses and start-ups
    • Business Valuation
    • Implemented strategic planning and advised on issues related to business and market development, provided financial and cash flow projections, recommended and implemented information systems
    • Performed Technology Assessment/Implementation

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    Non-Profit Organizations

    • Implemented strategic planning process, developed marketing plan for membership growth/customer service, developed five year monthly, quarterly, and yearly budgeting models, re-engineered business processes, and developed investment portfolio strategy for a 7,000 member international association
    • Developed efficiencies and expanded services via the internet for an association
    • Provided outsourcing services for various associations (Data processing, membership management, conference planning, accounting, etc.)

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