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    Previously used only for our clients, we are now planning to offer it to the public for next to nothing. Detailed description and reports will be published when the package is released.




    • Mortgage Calculator
    • Retirement Calculator
    • On-line 401K Calculator
    • On-line Mortgage Calculator



    Helping You to Plan for the Future
    It's amazing how few people actually plan for the future. Do you know what your financial condition is? Do you know what it will it be in fifteen years from now? If you can't answer these questions, you need this model.  It's incredibly easy to use.

    This product is being readied for imminent release.  The introductory price will be $78 (downloaded version). That's just $78 for the best tool for getting you to where you want to be.


    If you need additional information, either email us at info@IpsPlanningSolutions.com or call us at (608) 244-4245.  Or Contact Us directly via our feedback form.

    Why you need this software!

    Most people do very little financial planning. But they should. It can make a big difference in your future wealth. For example, just how much wealthier will you be if you refinance your existing 30 year loan with 15 years left with a new 30 year loan? People tend to make the decision based on rules of thumb which is fine, they decision is generally the right one. But people rarely know how it impacts their future wealth.

    Other questions! Are you saving enough for your kids' education? How much wealthier will you be if you increase your 401k contribution? If you double your mortgage payments, will your wealth increase or decrease? There are all sorts of question that you will now be able to answer.

    In addition to knowing your financial condition, this product includes a lot of useful templates to get your records organized. Unfortunately, most people are hideously unorganized. Do you have all in one place a list of all your life insurance? How about all checking and savings accounts? 401k's and IRA's? You get the idea.

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