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    This page contains links to sites that might be useful to you in areas of research, investments, starting a business, etc. If you have links that you would like to suggest, let us know.

    Other Business Resources


    Small Business Administration

    The Small Business Administration main site.

    U.S. Business Advisor

    The Small Business Administration built this site to be an entrepreneur's online sourcebook. Over 10,000 categories and 2000 sources for questions about taxes, workplace issues, regulations, international tade and business law.

    Microsoft Small Business Center

    Formally know as BCentral, this is a comprehensive portal with an a la carte menu of services. It also has site building and hosting.


    The Wall Street Journal's Center for Entrepreneurs. This is a great resourse for start-ups and SMBs.


    Another useful site for small businesses.

    SCORE's site

    Counselors to America's Small Business.

    Business Know How Site

    A good resource site for for small businesses.

    Business Town

    Yet another useful site for small businesses.


    Geared toward business with 400 or fewer employees. This site combines business information, community features and e-commerce resources. The Business Management section is a good place to get advice on finances, human resources, marketing, sales and legal issues.


    A site with some useful information for Small Businesses.


    Another site with some useful information for Small Businesses.


    A search engine dedicated to small business.

    Small & Home Based Bus. Library

    This site provides dozens of articles (arranged in alphabetical order) to help you succeed.



    A good site from the Wall Streat Journal.

    Reis, Inc. (Real Estate Research)

    A source for real estate professionals.


    Business Site for Wisconsin

    Go to this site and click on "Business". There's all kinds of useful information, especially for entrapreneurs. Another link is the "Business Wizard" which helps you determine licensing, permitting and regulatory requirements, obtain necessary application forms, identify available state resources, access other valuable business-related information.



    An information technology site. This site has indexed the research of many analyst groups and consulting firms. You'll also find white papers from many hardware and software vendors and service providers.

    Jupiter Communications' jup.com

    JupiterResearch provides unbiased research, analysis and advice, backed by proprietary data, to help companies profit from the impact of the Internet and emerging technologies on their business.

    Forrester Research's forrester.com

    Forrester is an independent technology research company that provides pragmatic and forward-thinking advice about technology's impact on business.

    Gartner Group's gartner.com

    The Gartner Group is also an independent technology research company that provides pragmatic and forward-thinking advice about technology's impact on business.



    A good source of useful statistics.



    A great site for getting definitions of financial terms and explanations of strategies.


    A warehouse of information on publicly traded companies. Need a financial snapshot of the company? Get the company's annual report to shareholders and/or the 10-k report to the SEC. Want to know how much top executives are making? Look up the company's proxy statement for salaries, stock option packaes and other compensation. Need big event information that will affect performance by 5% or more? Pore through the 8-K report which companies must file after "material" events occur.


    Another good site for investigating companies. There's a lot for free, but a subscription is required for certain items.

    MSN Money

    A financial supermarket on the Web.

    CNN Money

    A financial supermarket on the Web.


    Internal Revenue Service

    A very useful site for getting tax information, explanations and getting forms.

    Fairmark Press Tax Guide for Investors

    Tax lawyer Kaye A. Thomas provides answers to complex issues.


    Microsoft Office Site

    An excellent site for those who use office (just about everybody). Provides a lot of tips and templates.

    HP Learning Center

    A good site to polish up on your Computer and Microsoft Office Skills. And it's free.


    From Presentations Magazine. Offers free online tutorials on how to create and deliver presentations. They also review products.


    Provides free primers on topics ranging from the presentation lessons dealing with presentation disasters. Has a wide variety of downloads: powerpoint templates, gackgrounds, ckip art, sounds, etc.

    Certified Financial Planning.

    A Good Site learn something about Personal Financial Planning

    PC & SOFTWARE HELP (free)

    Microsoft's Support Knowledge Base

    A bit time consuming.


    Thousands of good tips about Windows platforms.

    PC Magazine

    PC Magazine help

    Another PC Magazine

    another PC Magazine option

    Tech Support Guy

    200,000 members. Lots of Tips.

    Tech Republic

    for IT professionals


    Good place to find out definitions for geek-speek

    PC Mechanic





    Excellent sit for spyware related issues.

    PC & SOFTWARE HELP (for pay)


    An excellent site for help.

    PC Pinpoint

    Another almost as good site.

    Other less useful sites are Geek Squad, Geeks By Minute, and 888 Geek Help.



    An excellent site for all things related to job hunting.

    Career Journal.com

    Affiliated with the Wall Street Journal.


    Millions of listings.

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