Jerry Olson

Jerry K. Olson


Integrated Planning Systems, Inc.


University of Wisconsin – Madison

MBA: — Finance, Investment Banking
BSME: — Mechanical Engineering
BSBA: — Finance, Production Management, Operations Research
Minors: — Economics, Accounting, Mathematics, Statistics

Madison College (MATC)


HTML5, JavaScript, DOM, XML, Active Server Pages, Pearl, PHP, MS II Server, Graphics Design, Visual Studio, Visual Basic, Java, SQL, MS Office (Excel, VBA, Access, etc.), Photoshop, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-Commerce, Internet Marketing, Web-Site Strategic Plan

Professional Background

Strategic Planning, Business/Market Development, Valuation, Merger/Acquisition (from several $million to several $billion), Computer Model Development, Financial Planning and Analysis, Web-site Development, Technology Assessment/Implementation/Project Management. Started various Businesses (e.g. Consulting, Software Development, Real Estate company, Association Management Company, etc.)

I have been used as an "Expert Witness" (provided testimony) for companies and State agencies with regard to strategic and financial analyses and computer modeling related to regulatory decisions. I have also developed software products that have been used as a basis for regulatory decisions (i.e. testimonies, analyses and exhibits) in numerous states across the country.

Publishing and Public Speaking

I have authored articles on strategic planning and computer technology for industry magazines and lectured at industry trade group meetings, conventions, seminars and training events relating to strategic planning, competitive based strategies, leadership, corporate culture, team work and computer modeling.

Work History

Integrated Planning Systems, Inc.

(With clients throughout U.S.A.) — Twenty years

  • President and Founder of IPS — Established a national reputation for providing exceptional software tools and services that improves client productivity and enhances their strategic competitive advantage (see next page for details).

Wisconsin Power and Light Co.

($billion+ Assets) — Seven years

  • Chairman of Merger/Acquisition Committee — Determined criteria for, assembled and analyzed candidates, developed strategy and pricing for negotiations, monitored post acquisition performance. Target acquisitions from several $million to several $billion.
  • Strategic Planning — Initiated, developed and implemented strategic planning process. Moderated Strategic Planning Committee Meetings. Member & Moderator of company supply/demand task force which determined energy supply/demand strategies. Worked on critical issues management, competitive positioning, technology assessment/implementation.
  • Strategic Planning Models — Initiated, developed and implemented strategic planning model. Analyzed all corporate strategic and financial issues, developed rating agency presentations, analyzed regulatory impacts. Established national reputation for strategic modeling and analysis. Asked to speak at companies and institutions nationwide.

Allis Chalmers Corporation

($billion+ sales, 26,000 employees) — Four years

(One of 23 individuals selected for Allis Chalmers' 2 year fast track Manufacturing Management Development Program)

  • Product Scheduler (project management) (WAMO, largest job shop in Midwest) — Assigned Product: a $10 million classified nuclear submarine sub-contract from the NAVY. Used PERT, CPM and Line of Balance to monitor and manage product schedules to ensure scheduled ship dates.
  • Group Senior Financial Analyst (Agriculture Equipment Group) — With eight manufacturing plants and international operations reporting to the group.
  • Systems Analyst (Management Information Systems) — Six divisions and international operations
  • Division Financial Analyst (Combine Division) — Production line



Various Software Products developed using Visual Basic, Excel, and Delphi (Pascal)

  1. Custom Products for Utilities
    1. Strategic Planning Model (annual 15 or 20 years)
      1. Sales Model
      2. Production (generation) Model (load coordinating & economic dispatching)
      3. Construction Model
      4. Finance and Consolidation Model

      Our flagship product (Strategic Planning Model for Utilities) has been rated by independent consultants as the best Utility Strategic Planning model in the Industry; has been praised many times in written testimony by many state public service commissions; has been lauded by security analysts and rating agencies for the quality, depth and breadth of its projections.

    2. Tactical Planning and Ratecase Model (monthly for 5 years)
      1. Revenue and Rate Model
      2. Production (generation) Model (load coordinating & economic dispatching)
      3. Construction Model
      4. Capital Planning Model
      5. Finance and Consolidation Model
      6. Ratecase Model
    3. Investment/Revenue Requirements Model
  2. Products for General Business (non-Utility)
    1. Strategic Planning Model
    2. Tactical Planning Model
    3. Investment Analysis Model
  3. Other Developed Products
    1. Real Estate Investment Analysis Model
    2. Personal Financial Planning Model
    3. Investment Analysis Model
    4. General Ledger/Accounting Package
    5. Sales Forecasting Model
    6. Stock & Commodity Portfolio Optimizer


  1. Utility Industry: (Typical client— $billion+ Assets):
    • Developed strategic planning models for three Wisconsin utilities and Wisconsin Public Service Commission, strategic planning models for three New York State utilities, five year tactical and ratecase models for three New York state utilities, five year ratecase and forecasting models for Michigan utility, strategic planning models for Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), computer simulation models for the Edison Electric Institute, and more.
    • Develop strategy for and analysis of mergers/acquisitions ranging from $1 million to $1 billion
    • Analysis of diversification program
    • Develop software, training, advice and "expert" testimony to ICC regarding a Commonwealth Edison proposal to create a $6 Billion nuclear power subsidiary
    • Supply and Demand analysis
    • Rate Design and elasticity analysis
    • Analysis of alternative expansion plans for profitability and risk (billion dollar construction plans)
    • Analysis of price impacts and customer erosion from aggressive competitive pressures
    • Market and competitive position analysis, wheeling and transmission access
    • Training and assistance for studying regional energy and utility operating trends
    • Develop forecasts for Wall Street security analysts and rating agencies
    • Organizational studies, Ratecase Studies, Review/Develop Rate of Return testimony
    • Financial restructuring, cash flow/rate of return, dividend policy, regulatory impacts
      (see "Strategic Planning Models for Utilities" web page for more analyses)
  2. Other Businesses:
    • Developed strategic, marketing, financial, and operating plans for small businesses and start-ups
    • Business Valuation
    • Implemented strategic planning and advised on issues related to business and market development, provided financial and cash flow projections, recommended and implemented information systems
    • Performed Technology Assessment/Implementation
  3. Non-Profit Organizations:
    • Implemented strategic planning process, developed marketing plan for membership growth/customer service, developed five year monthly, quarterly, and yearly budgeting models, re-engineered business processes, and developed investment portfolio strategy.
    • Developed efficiencies and expanded services via the internet for an association
    • Provided outsourcing services for various associations (Data processing, membership management, conference planning, accounting, etc.)

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